Pinterest Style Board Tips & Patio Life

Pinterest Style Board Tips & Patio Life

Pinterest Style Board Tips & Patio Life

Outdoor dining, patio make over ideas, and fashion board tips!

Let's start with tips for creating your own Personal Fashion Inspo Board on Pinterest !

1.  Search engine words: Start a search with words such as 'fashion', 'fashion trends', or type in your body shape, best fashion for petite and curvy for example 

2. Make Notes: After you choose a style, make a note what it is you like; the color, the pattern, the cut of jeans. Is it the overall look that appeals to you, or one particular aspect? 

3. Board Review: After you've collected 40 or so images, look for patterns. Do you see one type of thing popping up consistently? For example stripes? Or a particular color? What is the personality of the person who wears these clothes? 

4. Personality Test: After you've reviewed your looks check our Personal Style page to help you determine your look. And if you want to take your closet to the next level, you can fill out our style questionnaire and make a free style consultation appointment with us! 


Napa is now serving! Sidewalk bistro tables are sprouting up as restaurants open up for outdoor dining. Here's a few of our favorite local haunts.

ABC Bakery: We couldn't be more over joyed to see this Napa landmark serving her community once again. Al fresco dining and to-go menus. Alexis not only bakes some of the sweetest treats, she also has a huge heart. In times of crisis town members have collected here for solace as Alexis doled out free coffee. After the fires that swept through the valley a big sign on the back counter read " firefighters and fire victims eat for free". Now it's our turn to support this Napa icon. My personal obsession are the huevos rancheros - the best ever!

Hog Island Oyster Co: Serving up fresh, sustainable oysters from nearby Tomales bay. Grab a seat on the patio at Oxbow next to the Napa river to slurp down a plate of these! 

Angele giving us French riviera vibes, dishing up gourmet cuisine (and one of our favorite photo shoot op locations)

Or grab some take out food and enjoy what you've got going on in your own back yard! Patio Makeover Inspo:

Some fun ideas from the Jenna Sue blog

 Patio lunch Fashion Inspiration Collection 

1. parrot skirt  2. Smocked romper 3. Moroccan wallet  4. Wrap dress 5. Tropical dress 6. Sandals  7. Palazzo pants 8. Raffia bag