Boho Bold

Boho Bold

Boho Bold

Barefoot and free, her wind tangled itself into wind swept curls, her Moroccan purse a mixture of essential oils and garden seeds. 
As we navigate tumultuous times let our compass be the unified spirit of strong women, every ethnicity, stitched together to create a sail that can endure the strongest winds of change. 

 I grew up in the 70's, my mom had a gypsy soul which meant she had a hunger for adventure. We traveled to Europe with little money, sleeping in tents, or floors of strangers we met along the way. It taught me to see beyond, to a bigger world where people ate odd foods and spoke in a language I didn't understand, yet on some level I did understand because as a child the barriers of ego and opinion had not yet been built.

Mom and me on some Greek island, next to our tent, with a Greek fisherman's boy we met. 

Because I grew up in an era of macrame plants and driftwood I didn't think it was cool, but now I do! I've come to embrace the boho surroundings of my childhood, but with a fresh twist (white walls for instance, instead of wood paneled walls.

 Macrame DIY!

 Boho Style

1. Poets blouse 2. Rope Espadrilles  3. Palazzo pant 4. Buddha necklace 5. Moroccan wrist wallet 6. Gypsy blouse 7. Ruffle dress 8. Boho Dress