Our Story

Our Story

In 2013, Boho opened her doors in downtown Napa. 

We are a team of ten women -  our work environment encourages everyone to be an entrepreneur.

Boho has developed an extensive training course for employees on how to best dress women based on trends, body shapes and personality.

Customers range in age, it’s a place both moms and daughters like to shop at. 

Boho isn't just a place to shop,  it's a ‘lifestyle’. 

Our definition of 'Bohemian' and the essence of Boho Lifestyle is a life of creativity, healthy living, wanderlust, and a love of nature and laughter! 

The owner herself was the child of a 'bohemian' upbringing.  From a young age Indra  traveled throughout Europe with her mother, living for a time in Athens Greece. In California they lived a year in a cabin her mother built by hand, without running water or electricity.  

Indra has a degree in Interior Design, and she brings her creative eye to every element of the shop, using her knowledge of color and style, as well as an ability to understand a women's figure, to expertly select inventory.