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Indra Fortney

Owner of Boho Lifestyle

Age shouldn’t determine your style, fashion is a celebration of you. Having said that, as I get older (now in my fifties) I'm finding looks that are flattering for my new figure and learning to discover and lean into different versions of myself.

At an early age, taking bohemian trips to Europe, I was inspired by the colors and styles around me. Later this turned into a career in Interior Design. Now my greatest joy is helping a woman feel her most beautiful version of herself, and have fun in the process!

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Jennifer Maudru

Fashion is an extension of my eye for design. As well as a stylist, I'm a jewelry designer.
Influenced by a foundation in art history and theatrical costume design, I love to apply this knowledge towards my clients and their wardrobes!
At an early age I quickly began to learn how textiles and accessories are tools for self expression.

My mission is to help females feel empowered through fashion.
I'm fluid in my styling process working with you to capture a style reflective of your powerful inner goddess!

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Growing up in Argentina, and working in Hong Kong as well as San Francisco, I've had exposure to different cultures and styles that span the globe. As a mother of three children, I relate to mothers who struggle to find the time to put their closets together. I'm here to help with that! Whether you're a mother or not, feeling good should be a priority. I celebrate my love for everything about fashion, motherhood, health, travel and food. My style is effortless, chic, and approachable. I will share styling trends with you, and looks that are timeless. My goal is to give you ideas, and to help you find your personal style. 


I’m enthusiastic, friendly and continuously educate myself in the world of fashion, including the latest trends. As a mom raising a seventeen year old, I found myself dressing in the same boring leggings, but since I became a stylist I've been able to step outside my comfort zone, enjoying the process of playing with different styles which has given me a new boost of self confidence. I love to hear clients stories, getting to know who you are, and helping you to look and feel your best! 


Born and raised in Northern California, I’ve always been interested in fashion, and imagined the ways I would dress once I was at my ideal body. In my twenties I realized I didn’t need to wait, and now, in my thirties, I’m glad I’m confident enough to wear whatever I feel is best for me. As your stylist, my goal would be to help you get to that same place, no matter your age, style, or body type. I look forward to working with you! XO, Lauren

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