Product Ethos

Handmade & Fairtrade

Support your sisters! 

A spotlight on cottage industry, women’s owned artisan items. Purchasing from these small business entrepreneurs gives back to a community of creative people.

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Eco Friendly

Show mother earth some love! 

A collection of eco friendly, sustainable items from repurposed fabrics to organic body oil.

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Made in USA

Sometimes we want to know where our clothes come from, and we totally get that.

Because these products are shipped from domestic manufacturers, they not only support our economy, they inherently have a lower carbon footprint. Win-win! 

Brands in this category are primarily designed and manufactured in Southern California.

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California Designers

Bring a little ‘California’ into your life. 

Boho is a California based business located in downtown Napa. In this section we’ve put together a curated collection of fashions from California designers we love.

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