Into the Wilds

Into the Wilds

Into the Wilds

The mantra now is "safe distancing", but where is this possible? How do we get away without 'getting away?" National parks are one option, if you know of a less populated park, go at a time during the week, or during the day when it's less likely to be populated, check the parking lot -if it's crazy full, move on.
You want to go somewhere where you can literally blaze your own trail. If this isn't possible, turn to your own home- create a backyard campsite. It's still a way to get out of the house, and you can sleep outside under the stars!

Bearfoot theory blog offers some great tips for trail blazing during covid. 1. Check in your local municipality to see what is open, stay close to home. 2. Go out in the off hours 3. Avoid main trails 4. Don't rock climb 5. Be prepared (many public bathrooms are closed)

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
― John Muir

Backyard camping

The dryt

DIY Citronella Candles 

 Backyard breakfast: Cheesy bacon and egg breakfast tacos!

Outfit Inspo:

1. Utility jacket 2. Dreamer Tee 3. Denim Overalls 4. Positivity Tee 5. Barrel Jeans 6. Chambray top