An Eclectic Personality

An Eclectic Personality

An Eclectic Personality

A bohemian lifestyle, that of an unconventional, art infused adventurer seeking to widen their perspective, melds with an eclectic personality.
What is eclecticism? It's a variety of things, ideas, or objects that draw their inspiration from diverse sources. 
In a time when we might seem divided, how do we find unity?  In a way, we're all kind of like threads in a massive quilt, the beauty of this is the uniqueness of each piece, a patch of different color and pattern that creates something wonderfully unusual. 
This blog is a visual ode to eclecticism. 

Collages are a fun way to create idea boards. I made this in google slides (because I don't have illustrator). It's super easy to insert images and you can overlap them by right clicking on the image and moving it front, or back. 

Vogue Vibes. Editorial magazines grab inspiration from, unusal, exotic location shoots. This location is not very exotic, it's the back wall of our store, ha, ha! But her style transforms a brick wall. 

This eclectic wall of art comes from Gallery Walrus. For original artwork at affordable prices, check out Perch house (created by my friend Ann Trinca). Below is a solar relief print from Napa artist Susan Bradford. 

Bohemian/eclectic Interiors

Eclectic prints

Eclectic table settings  

And in case you want to make an actual quilt! -A DIY quilt blog, wrap yourself up in a cozy, eclectic pattern of scraps.

Shopping Inspo: 1. Alisha blouse 2. Fair Trade Cross-body bag 3. Safari camisole 4. Quilted cosmetic bag 5. Tie Front blouse 6. Tropical Paradise 7. Paris flutter sleeve blouse 8. Floral V-neck blouse