Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

Sun nurtures us, feeding our body and spirit in it's life sustaining light. During these stressful times find a moment to take in the warming, calming effects of a sunny day. While the sun energizes our mind, we tend to slow down physically on hot days, honor this, adjust your pace and relax. 

Sun Salutations yoga, find your inner sun and let it radiate from within you.

Immerse yourself in salt water! Healing attributes of salt for the skin help with inflammation and acne. 

Salt Scrub is an exfoliate that opens up pores and helps with blood circulation. It's best used on the body, and not on the face.

DIY Salt Scrub

Or if you prefer to buy a scrub, check out some of the small, independent vendors on etsy -support small business! 

Organic salt scrub

Get out and bike! Grab a friend and investigate a neighborhood you've always wanted to see. Here's a list of routes in the Napa area

Summer jumpsuits are an elevated 'playful' style that give you a stress-free one piece to slip into without the effort of trying to match an outfit! 

Super yummy, healthy poke is a healthy lunch recipe -bring it to the beach! 

The meditative sound and sight of sea

Sunny Outfit Inspo:

1. Cotton drawstring shorts 2. Summer Daze Jumpsuit 3. Open Back Knit 4. Mother Of Pearl Earrings  5. Water Wash Wrap Blouse 6. Lolita Straw Clutch 7. Coastal Chic Tie Front Blouse 8. Beach Days Denim Short