Lake Bound Road Trip!

Lake Bound Road Trip!

Lake Bound Road Trip!

The wide open roads of this vast country are calling your name!
With Covid I think it's fair to say we're all feeling a little claustrophobic. In the past my preference would be to plan far away trips, involving lot's of research and the gruel of sitting in a cramped plane for many hours. But lately I've become curious about the vast nation in my own backyard. Yes, travel still seems a bit dicey, where do you eat, where do you stay? That's when the idea of a lake vacation popped into my mind. Camping on shore, or...renting a house boat! 

 For my California peeps..

You might also check out  Lake Shasta lake boat rentals. These are not (unfortunately) photos of their boats, it's just some eye candy to inspire and drool over! 

If I had a boat house...

How cute is this little kitchen?! 

A little fashion inspo for this roadtrip 

Peace is the stillness in the places we find in between 

 1. Cowgirl boots 2. Sundress 3. Bucket hat 4. Romper 5. Shorts 6. Comfy shirt