Closet Cleanse -  A Fresh New Look!

Closet Cleanse - A Fresh New Look!

Closet Cleanse - A Fresh New Look!

Imagine opening your closet and having ... wait for it ... a moment of zen! It might not happen overnight, but on your next day off, pencil in half a day to tackle the beast. 
Important: The day before make sure you do laundry so you’re not missing pieces of clothing.

Start with a big cup of coffee and some music to hustle to!
Listen to our Spotify Closet Cleanse Playlist ;-)

Okay, let's begin!

Dispassionately hurl everything on to the floor or your bed. If the floor is clean, we would start there... you may need a lot of space!
Now that you can truly see what you have amassed... take a breath. It's a lot, we know. Time to forge ahead!

Step 1: Create 3 Piles 

1. THE KEEP PILE: Ask yourself these qualifying questions before you start tossing things willy nilly into this pile. These are hard knock questions. Be good to yourself, but don’t lie!
  • Do I feel good when I wear this? Does it affirm a positive image of myself? 
  • Is it comfortable? 
  • Does it fit me? (don’t make excuses for baggy or ill-fitting clothes!) 
  • Does it suit my personality? And let’s be honest, our personality might have changed, maybe we were once bold and now we feel more suited to classic styles, or vice versa, maybe you’re starting to emerge from a neutral shell and want to explore pattern and color!

Click here if you need some help figuring out your style.

2. THE NOT SURE PILE: If you can’t remember what it looks like on you, try it on. Then ask yourself the above questions.

3. THE GET RID OF PILE: Have you worn this item in the last 6 months? Does this item fit your current body? If not, will you get this item tailored to fit? If the answer is no, you should consider adding it to this pile. 

Now that you've narrowed things down, this is where it starts to get interesting! 

Step 2: Categorize your 'Keep' and 'Not Sure' Piles

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Dresses + Jumpsuits
  • Outerwear + Jackets

To take your closet to the next level, we need think in terms of outfits. Key word: OUTFITS! 


Step 3. Plan Your Outfits!

Arrange outfit selections, pairing things together. 

  • What tops look best with what bottoms? 
  • Can I add a jacket, or cardigan to the outfit? How can I layer things? 

This is the fun part! You might find new or multiple outfit combinations, or discover new ways to wear things. 


Step 3: Find the Gaps

As you pull together outfits you may notice gaps appearing, such as, you love the look of your cream sweaters with ankle jeans but you’re missing the right pair of shoes to complete the outfit. Or you have a couple of mid length skirts but no blouses that look right with them.

Make notes on the types of items you’re missing from your closet. You could also take it to the next level -- take a photo and show it to one of our stylists for suggestions! Or, schedule a time to bring it in-store to have us help you select the right pairings. 

Step 5: Organize the New Closet!  

Time to start re-assembling your new, refreshed wardrobe!

Click here for Closet Organization Inspo

        • Store away seasonal items
        • Bag up items for donation
        • Bag up items for alterations
        • Hang a number of your outfit selections together. (We recommend planning ahead 4-5 days)
        • Categorize the rest of your items by color. (Keep all whites together, blues, etc.)
        • Keep breathing space between each hanger. (We like a 2 finger-width space rule... but does it stay that way? Of course not!)

        If you want help finding looks you love, Take our Style Quiz!
        Include your Personal Style Pinterest board link, and send us a photo of yourself and we will send you a FREE personalized style video with outfit suggestions!