Riding The Waves

Riding The Waves

Riding The Waves

Nature teaches us to stop and listen. Life messages seem more accessible when we turn off our electronic devices, slow down and literally sit with ourselves. Growing up in a coastal down, the ocean has always been my refuge. As a child I ran with carefree abandon over rocky cliffs, intimate with the push and pull of waves and every crevice of coastline my sneakers scrambled over. Later, as a teenager, I found hollowed out areas, secluded pockets protected from wind, and sat, book in hand, pondering the greater meaning of life. 

Main street Mendocino, tinged in pink 

While I grew up in rugged coastal terrain, my grandparents lived in sunny California where the heat of the sand burned your toes.

melt into pastel paradise 

mood board

beach inspired shacks 

check out this beach shack inspired post by fellow blogger sf GIRL

I fell in love with sf Girls section of vintage furniture finds! 

some irresistible summer recipes I found from a new favorite food blogger Love & Lemons

summer tomato soup 

cherry clafaoutis 

grapefruit cocktail 

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